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    The Duo Process

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    Your Free Quote + Inspection Goal:

    Ultimately our goal is to help you pick the best possible solution for your situation and have you feel great about it after the fact!

    How we do it

    The 3 steps: (Discussion, Discovery, Decision)

    Step 1: Discussion

    First we will discuss what your current issues, concerns, and frustrations with any current or future pest activity at your home are.


    Additionally we will establish what is most important to you in keeping your home pest free to better build a personalized solution for you.

    Step 2: Discovery

    Next your Duo Pest Professional will inspect the premises for hot zones, entry points and likely causes of activity both inside and outside of your home.


    After checking the relevant areas we will educate you on what is likely occurring and or causing the situation + outline your best next steps for solving the problem going forward.

    Step 3: Decision

    At this point you will now know what is occurring and what needs to be done to improve the bug/pest activity + any additional questions you have relating to the available solutions will have been answered.


    With this info in hand we will assist you in making a decision on the best solution for you, your family, and your home.


    Whether that solution is using Duo's services or going another route you'll now know what to do next!

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